A pharmacy just for
people like you.

And us.

Taking five or more medications? We’re for you.

From switching over to monthly support, PersonalRX is the pharmacy that’s built on service.

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Patient Care Representatives
set you up for Success.

Switching to our pharmacy is easy, and that’s just the beginning.

We do all the work to move your prescriptions to home delivery.
And it just gets easier from there.

Patient Care Coordinators
manage your Meds each month.

They check for changes, manage refills, monitor shipping and deal with insurance.

Your PCC deals with the details of prescriptions and insurance
so you can focus on your health.

We’re here for you, Every day
& night.

24/7 access to a pharmacist and your own dedicated team.

Your copay is all you pay; we take care of you the way you deserve.

Your Pharmacy. Delivered.

You are moments away from a better, simpler pharmacy.

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