The greatest reward of all is seeing our patients healthier and happier.
I never run out of medication
What makes me truly happy is that I never run out of medication. As soon as I’m getting toward the end of my packs- there is a new delivery at my door.
Deborah S, 59
A personal touch.
Roberto reached out to me to make sure that all my medications are right and even spent hours with my insurance company getting the account straightened up.
Family Caregiver
Worked out nicely!
I was worried about scheduling the delivery when i wouldn’t be home Their team stayed on top of it, and it worked out nicely. Neil had a great smile, which lifted my spirits!
Betsy F
The best pharmacy I’ve ever had.
The staff is incredible and they are so much better than any other pharmacy.
Family Caregiver
We are so happy
We are so happy and appreciative of this service – and can’t say enough about the care we receive from Personal RX. This team is the best of the best! A thousand Thank Yous!
Yanik Y, 85
Family Caregiver
Wonderful customer service - they are solving a big problem for my mom who is 79, has multiple medications and is recovering from surgery.
Professional Caregiver
Who could not be happy with your services?
Who could not be happy with your services and the people there? I can’t say enough about how great Sonja is and how much she helped me get all medication changes done correctly when we changed doctors recently!
Valentina L, 89
Family Caregiver
I can’t say enough about the services
I can’t say enough about the services from PersonalRx. My 93 year old mom in law just moved in. So the world has changed quite a bit. But the staff and service at PersonalRx have made a huge concern of managing mom’s meds so much easier. They are delivered to my house and put in times pouches. It is wonderful and there is no reason for error with the meds. Everyone I have dealt with so far has been pleasant m, knowledgeable and so helpful. So happy I found them!!
Toni O
Professional Caregiver
Personal RX is a remarkable company
Personal RX is a remarkable company. I have used others and have never been completely satisfied, until discovering this particular plan: the staff is friendly, caring, competent, error-free and consistent and the packaging is easy to open, which is quite important. I am giving them a completely deserved, rave review!
Sue F
It’s nice that you call
The older I get-the less I want to take care of myself-so this service means a lot to me. I feel a little spoiled, but I love that PersonalRX contacts my doctor for refills. And it’s nice that you call because otherwise I only have my little dog to talk to.
Kathy S, 70
Family Caregiver
Removes complication!
This company has taken the complication out of picking up and sorting my mothers medication. Any and all help is welcomed when you’re a care giver to a parent with Alzheimer’s.
Eric V
Your customer service is second to none
My technician, Serena, is fantastic and I love the entire PersonalRX staff. I used a competing home delivery pharmacy and all communication was done by text – I never spoke with a live person. Your customer service is second to none!
Robert O, 65
I’m happy and being well taken care of
I was approached by a competitor of yours and I told them, I’m with the PersonalRX Pharmacy. I’m happy and being well taken care of. Thank you for the call, but I am declining.
Daniel H, 58
Family Caregiver
This service is 100% better.
PersonalRX works with you to get all your medications at the same time in convenient individual packets. No more running to the pharmacy or filling up monthly containers. The people are very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They makes your medications stress-free!
Professional Caregiver
The representatives are just phenomenal!
The representatives I’ve been working with are just phenomenal. If I didn’t know about PersonalRX, I don’t know what I would do.
Susan H.
PersonalRX is great!
PersonalRX is great! They provide a very customized service you can't find anywhere else. I work with one pharmacy technician (Sonja, who is AH-MAZING!) so she knows me... no more walking into the pharmacy and getting mistreated at by a different person behind the counter every time you go.
Mathew F
I love PersonalRX
I love PersonalRX. My medicine is always here when they say it will be. They always check to make sure I get it. The ladies I deal with are wonderful.
Deborah Z
Family Caregiver
Everyone I have spoken with at Personal RX has been terrific, kind and helpful in managing medications for my 96 year old friend.
Fanni D
I love the packaging, it’s easy...
I love the packaging, it’s easy to tear off and I also love how it has the days of the week on it. I had a stroke last year, so I can’t walk and I have memory loss. This service saves my brother from having to run to the pharmacy to pick up my medication several times a week.
Gloria R, 74
The customer service is fantastic
I have been using Personal RX for 6 months and I could not be more impressed! The customer service is fantastic, they follow up to make sure your order is received as expected. If there is an issue, they give you regular status updates until the issue is rectified.
Brian L
Absolutely amazing
I have never experienced service from any place as professional as this. Just wish I had started the PersonalRX earlier. Absolutely amazing most helpful staff. I thank them all for their support.
Billy K
My own personal assistant and pharmacist.
I’m immediately connected to a live person who is always accommodating. They make me feel so comfortable and at-ease with my medication needs. The little packs save me so much time and help me avoid missing doses. They have earned an outstanding review.
Really appreciate their personal touch
I've only been with PersonalRX for 2 months now and I really appreciate their personal touch. Roberto reached out to me to make sure that all my medications are right for the second month and even spent hours with insurance company getting the account straightened up.
Jim K
Professional Caregiver
Can’t recommend this pharmacy enough!
I can’t recommend this pharmacy enough! The people who work there actually care and what I feel is going out of there way, to them it’s apart of there job to go above and beyond. I’ve been using this pharmacy for over a year & best decision I ever made. You have a person dedicated to your file. That you can call & talk to anytime. They 95% of the time have all my medication when most local pharmacies are out of. & there prices are incredibly lower then any local pharmacy.
Nicole S
So attentive in every way
This company has taken the worries and kinks out of receiving, organizing, and taking my many medications. I am in the medical field and was very hesitant to hand over any control of my medication to a non-local pharmacy, but I cannot say enough positive things about this company. They are so attentive in every way.
Marie M
Care Parner
Our patients are beyond thrilled!
With tools to better manage medications and adherence packaging, our patients gain such a sense of independence and control over their health. They are so happy! We plan on sharing these services with additional patients, plus we are educating our team on how it works. Thank you, PersonalRX, for this service!
They make medication management a breeze.
Accurate and affordable with easy-to-use pouches that have time/date stamped. My personal coordinator is friendly, knowledgeable and shows concern for my medications.
Professional Caregiver
Best pharmacy!
As an aide with 8-10 patients, this service is life changing. They make medication management so easy, and my patients all love it, too!
Family Caregiver
I’ve been very happy
I’ve been very happy and appreciative of the services received for my teenage daughter. Having a teenager is hard enough and can be harder when medication is involved. This service makes it easier for her to be away at school and go for overnight trips, and take her medicine on time.
Karina A, 18
Completely deserved, rave review!
Friendly, caring, competent, error-free and consistent, plus all the packaging is so easy to open.
Professional Caregiver
Kudos to the personnel that work at PersonalRX
Kudos to the personnel that work at PersonalRX in Brooklyn & Jersey, they have patience of saints, dealing with all of us Seniors, the way we change are prescriptions, I know because I am one of them. From my med coming in individual packages, then changing them to back to Vials, and back again. Thank you staff!
Joanne M
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