A pharmacy built to save lives.
lives are lost in the US per year
due to prescription or medication errors, skipped 
doses, adverse reactions or treatment failures
A commitment to do better.
For PersonalRX founder, Larry Margolis, those statistics tragically hit home. In 2014, his family suffered a heartbreaking loss, as Larry’s daughter passed away due to a medication error.
Ultimately acting a source of inspiration, Larry’s grief launched him on the path to create PersonalRX . The purpose was simple: Transform the pharmacy experience to protect and empower patient health.
Bring the world a better, safer pharmacy to save and improve lives.
Bring the world a better, safer pharmacy to save and improve lives.
We are built on safety and trust.
Powered by operational rigor and excellence, PersonalRX is built on the foundation of being health and safety first. We take pride in delivering the best care, and find reward in seeing our patients healthier and happier everyday.
When we set out on our mission, we made a commitment to redesign the traditional pharmacy model. We carefully analyzed every step and touchpoint involved with handling medications, making improvements and evolving where necessary to meet patient needs.
Today, we are proud to be operating on the technology we built, using the processes we invented. Most of all, we are proud to deliver a better pharmacy experience for everyone our business serves — patients, caregivers, providers and partners.
We are passionate about personalization.
Just like the people we serve, every program PersonalRX offers is unique. This approach reflects our belief that each individual patient we care for is special and deserves a tailored, safe and dependable solution. That’s why we customize programs for every patient and make their experience as personalized as possible. We are committed to building relationships and providing a profound level of service.
The same is true for our provider partners. We take pride in the deep relationships we build with our partners and the added value we offer to their businesses — particularly because when we help our partners, it naturally touches the lives of many more patients.
Find inspiration in helping others.
Be dedicated to the mission of helping people live healthier and happier.
Reimagine the way things work.
Break through convention to unlock opportunity and make a difference.
Be a leader and a learner.
Embrace possibilities for change and stay committed to always learning.
Be the one people count on.
Take pride in acting as a loyal and honest partner to everyone.
Create efficiencies and scale.
Use tools and technology to make things easier and simpler.
Bring everyone together.
Champion and empower greater collaboration in the healthcare world.
Lawrence Margolis
Founder & CEO
Charles Oestreicher
President & COO
Vaibhav Khullar
Michael K. Kalman
Chief Strategy Officer
Crystal M. Allison
SVP, Marketing & Sales Ops
Prudhvi Kopparapu
VP, Operations
Joe Skellie
VP, Pharmacy
Kristine Hackett
Pharmacist in Charge
Lea Grossman
VP, Industry Solutions
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