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2024 Pharmacy Industry Trend Predictions

The US pharmacy landscape has faced many challenges in 2023, including prescription drug shortages, rising drug costs, labor shortages, long lines at retail pharmacies, retail pharmacies closing locations, and even bankruptcy for some. There were also employee...

Fading Memories: Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support Podcast

Getting More for Your Prescription Costs: Tips from Our Experts with Larry Margolis, CEO & Founder of PersonalRX Are you tired of spending a significant amount of time managing your medication? Have you ever...

How health tech is redefining what it means to age in place

As seen in The United States has a rapidly evolving, and aging population with a strong desire to age in place. But with aging comes mobility issues, a greater reliance on prescription medication, and a need for specialized support in the home in order to stay...

Tech to make healthcare more accessible for Latinx patients

As seen in The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), citing 2020 census data, reports over 62 million people, 19% of the US population, identified as “Hispanic”. However, roughly 18% of Latinx Americans are not covered by health insurance, which is the...

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