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General Questions

Can I try PersonalRX without a long-term commitment?

Yes. There is no long-term commitment. If at any time you decide that PersonalRX is not the optimal pharmacy experience for you, we will work with you to transfer your prescriptions and to a pharmacy of your choosing.

What are PersonalRX dose packs and why do you dispense medications in this type of packaging?

PersonalRX Dose packs are medication packages that are clearly labeled with the patient’s name, the drug name and strength, and the time of day that the patient should take the medication (as prescribed by your doctor). We firmly believe that the PersonalRx dose packs help patients remember when to take their medications and ensure that they don’t duplicate any dosing.  

“I love the packaging. It’s easy to tear off and I also love how it has the days of the week on it.    Gloria P, Florida

How is PersonalRX different from other pharmacies?

We dispense medications in Personal RX dose packs (see prior Q and A).  All our medications are also shipped at the same time so you no longer need to make multiple trips to the pharmacy every month and wait in line.  We also assign a dedicated Personal Care Coordinator. They will call you at least once a month to check in with you and see if you have any questions or if you have any changes to your medications.  You also have their phone number so you can call them at any time. Additionally, our QA specialist will call you to ensure that your order was delivered as expected.  Finally, our easy to use mobile app allows you to check shipment status, enter changes to your medications, update your credit card or insurance information, send a pdf of all your medications to your doctor, and much more.  There is no additional cost for these services.

Our patient testimonials best describe how our patients like our services

“The older I get  – the less I want to take care of myself, so this service means a lot to me.  I feel a little spoiled, but I love that PersonalRX contacts my doctor for refills.  And it’s nice that you call because I only have my little dog to talk to.” Kathy, Indiana

“Who could not be happy with your service and the people there?  I can’t say enough about how great Sonja is and how much she helped me get all medication changes done correctly, when we changed doctors recently”.
Valentine , Florida

“We are really happy and appreciative of Serena and your pharmacy. My wife and I are both customers and it would be difficult to get our medications if not for this service.”
Barnett, Alabama

“My technician, Serena, is fantastic and I love the entire PersonalRX staff.  I had another mail order pharmacy, and all communication was received by text. I never spoke with a live person. Your customer service is second to none”.
Robert, Pennsylvania

“I really appreciate the excellent service. Everyone has been so kind each time I’ve called with questions.”
Jennifer, Florida

I get my medications delivered by my local pharmacy? Why should I switch to PersonalRX?

We provide many services besides free delivery — services that each patient is entitled to. Each patient receives all of their medications all at the same time and they are delivered when needed.  Our additional services include a dedicated Personal Care Coordinator who calls you at least once a month to check in and see if you have any questions. They will also call your doctor to get a new prescription if needed.  Additionally, our QA specialist will call you to ensure that your order was delivered as expected.  There is no additional cost for these services.

“PersonalRx has been a wonderful experience and I recommend it over my hometown pharmacy. I’ve spoken with my personal tech, Yasmin, several times and she is really cool!”
Lauren, New Jersey

“This is awesome!  I love it. I don’t have to think about anything. It is so helpful to get my medications delivered. PersonalRX was in God’s plan for me.”
Regina, New Jersey

“My first delivery was perfect and I love the packaging. This is an excellent service, especially with Covid 19.  I would not want to have to pick up my medicine at the local pharmacy.”
Debra, Florida

It's late at night and I have a question for a pharmacist. Who can I call?

Our pharmacists are available 24 x 7.  During our normal business hours, you should contact your dedicated Personal Care Coordinator who will assist you in getting a pharmacist to answer your question.  After business hours, you should call our Pharmacist Hotline at 877-899-1680, and select/press 3, 

Getting Started

I heard about your service through a friend and I want to enroll. What do I need to do to get started?

We make it easy to get started and we do all the work. Just call our Onboarding Team at 201-605-6627, and they will gather all of the needed information to get started with PersonalRX. 

How do I transfer my prescriptions from my current pharmacy to PersonalRX?

When you enroll at PersonalRX, an experienced member of our “Onboarding” team will contact your pharmacy and take care of everything needed to transfer your prescriptions to PersonalRX.  If you have prescriptions with no remaining refills, the “Onboarding” team will contact your doctor(s) and obtain the new prescriptions.

What if I have a different day's supply of each medication when I enroll with PersonalRX? How do you “align” all of my prescriptions so I get them all at the same time?

We will issue partial fills, if needed, for any medication.  We will work with you and your doctor to obtain any new prescriptions.

I take one medication when needed so I don't need a refill for a while? How do you handle these types of prescriptions?

If you have enough supply of a medication, we will not include that medication in your first order. Additionally, during the monthly call with your Personal Care Coordinator, they will ask you about your “as needed” medication and only include it in your order if you need it.

Price & Insurance Coverage

How does PersonalRX pricing compare to others pharmacies?

You pay the same price that you would at your local pharmacy, and enjoy the convenience of free monthly deliveries and no more waiting in long lines. Adherence packaging, timely delivery, and superior personalized customer service are provided at no additional charge.

Does PersonalRX accept my insurance?

Our services are covered by most insurance plans. We can check to see if PersonalRX is covered by your insurance. Please contact our Onboarding Team at 201-605-6627 and they will let you know if you can obtain our value-added services with your insurance.

My Medications

How are patient medications packaged?

We offer a variety of packaging options for pills/tablets and you select the type of packaging that meets your needs. PersonalRX Dose Packs are the most popular; vials are also available. The Dose Packs are clearly labeled with the patient’s name, medication name and strength and the date/time of day that the medication should be taken and any special instructions.  Along with the Dose Packs, other medications, such as inhalers, insulins and prepackaged medications are properly labeled and shipped along with your chosen form of pill/tablet packaging. You can discuss your specific needs with a PersonalRX representative when setting up your account.

Will your pharmacy dispense brands or generics?

Our pharmacy will dispense the generic medication unless your physician specifies “Do Not Substitute” or “Brand Only” since many insurance plans will only pay for a generic. If you do not want a generic medication, you should notify your physician in advance.

What do I do if my doctor changes one of my prescriptions? How do I get the new medication and stop the old one?

You should call your Personal Care Coordinator and they will gladly update your profile to inactivate the old prescription and add the new one.  You can also make the change yourself on the mobile app.

I am out of refills on one of my medications. What should I do?

Your Personal Care Coordinator will contact your doctor to obtain a new prescription.  They will also let you know when we receive the new prescription from your doctor.

Do you dispense narcotic and control medications?

We dispense narcotic and control medications for any authorized doctor’s prescription.  We do not, however,  dispense any opioid product like oxycontin or oxycodone.

Can you package dosages of half a pill?

 Generally, Yes. If your prescription is specifically written that way by the physician and is in tablet form and scored.

I take several vitamins, minerals and supplements each day. Can I have them included in my order and how much will they cost?

 Yes.  We can add most vitamins, minerals, and supplements to your order. Please call your Personal Care Coordinator to add any vitamin, mineral, or supplement to your order.  They will also let you know the cost for each item.

I know the dose packs include all of the pills/tablets that I take. Do you dispense inhalers, insulin, Epi-pens and other pre-packaged medications?

Yes, we dispense inhalers, insulin, and other pre-packaged medication.  We include them in the same order as your pills/tablets.

I have some medications that I take as needed (PRN)? How do you package those prescriptions?

As needed medications are usually not dispensed in the dose packs with your other medications, “As needed” medications are usually dispensed in vials/bottles and included in your order with all of your other medications.   It is your choice on how these medications are packaged. 

I take a different dose of the same medication every other day. Can it be packaged that way?

Yes, we can package medications whose directions vary by day.  It is important that your doctor provides a prescription written exactly how the medication is to be taken. Our pharmacists will label a prescription and package it according to the doctor’s instructions.

How are medication changes handled?

Your Personal Care Coordinator will work with your doctor to handle any changes in medications. If it is urgent, we will help coordinate so a pharmacy can fill your medication. After that, it will be reflected in your next PersonalRX order.

What if I need a one-time medication, like antibiotics or eye drops?

Your Personal Care Coordinator can assist you to coordinate with a pharmacy near you to fill any medication you need. Plus, we will update your prescription records and coordinate with you if ongoing care is needed.

Information for Caregivers

My daughter helps me with my medications? Can I give her access to my medications at PersonalRX? How can I share my prescription information with her?

We have many patients who have their adult child (or professional caregiver)  help them with their medications. We also have many parents who act as caregivers for their children. In all cases, we work with the appropriate caregiver to manage the patient’s medications.  They can also access and update the patient’s information using our mobile app.  The caregiver can also contact the patient’s Personal Care Coordinator to discuss any patient matter.

“I‘m the sole caregiver for my mother, who suffered a severe stroke last July.  PersonalRX has been an absolute godsend for us. We are both customers and we are so grateful for this service!”
Sherry, New Hampshire

“I’ve been very happy and appreciative of the services received for my teenage daughter.  Having a teenager is hard enough and can be harder when medications are involved.  This service makes it easier for her to be away at school and go for overnight trips and take her medication on time.”
Karina, New York

“I’m very happy with the services my father is receiving.  The follow-up from the pharmacy is wonderful and I really like the medication packaging. Well done!”
Julius, Florida

I am a professional Caregiver and I manage the care of several patients serviced at PersonalRX. Can I get access to their medications?

Yes, we can provide access for the professional Caregiver to all of their patients provided that the patient provides the needed permission.  The Caregiver can work directly with the Personal Care Coordinator to manage many patients’ medication regimens.  Our app also allows the Caregiver to see all of the needed information for their patients.

How are medication changes handled?

Our team works with your doctor to handle any changes in medication. Many of our patients have complicated medication regimens that require frequent changes, so we are prepared for any changes that may come up.

What if a patient needs a one-time medication?

Our team will assist in coordinating with a local pharmacy to fill any medication they need. Plus, we will update your prescription records and coordinate with you if ongoing care is needed.

What if a patient gets a new medication added to their regimen?

If a doctor wants to add a new medication, we will coordinate with a pharmacy near you so they can fill the medication until your next PersonalRX box arrives. After that, it will be reflected in your next PersonalRX order.

As a professional caregiver, can I have patients’ medications sent to my workplace?

It depends on many factors including the state you live in and insurance regulations. We will work with you to figure out the best place to ship your patients’ medications.

Do you have a tool to help manage multiple medications for multiple patients?

Yes, RX2 Pro! You can manage  all your patients’ medications and track their shipments right from the app.

Alternate Shipping Address

I reside in New Jersey but I move to Florida in the winter? Who do I call or what should I do to ensure that my prescriptions arrive at the right address?

You can call your Personal Care Coordinator and let them know that you move to Florida each winter.  They can enter the date when you move to Florida and the date when you come back to New Jersey.  Our system stores this information so we know when to ship your medications to New Jersey and when to ship them to your alternate address in Florida.  You can also enter this information into our mobile app.

Changes for Credit Card or Insurance

I received a new credit card in the mail. How do I update my profile so that you have the new information in your system?

You can call your Personal Care Coordinator or our Financial Specialist at 201-355-3520,  You can also update your credit card on our mobile app.

My insurance changed. How do I update my profile so that you have the new information in your system?

You can call your Personal Care Coordinator or our Financial Specialist at 201-355-3520,  You can also update your insurance on our mobile app.

Shipping your order and shipping status

My package was shipped yesterday. How can I check the shipment status? How do I know when it should arrive at my house/apartment?

The best way to check the shipment status of your order is by clicking on the UPS link texted to you the day your order was shipped.  You can also call our QA specialist, at 877-899-1680 select option 3.

Do you charge for shipping?

We do not charge for our standard shipping service which ensures that each patient will receive their order when needed.

What happens if my order is delayed?

We work very hard to make sure everyone gets their medications on time. However, on the rare occasion that your medication shipment is delayed, we will do everything we can to get you your medication. We will call in to your local pharmacy to get you a supply of your medications that will last until your order arrives.

Please be aware that we need a valid prescription in order to help fill your prescriptions.

If you have any questions about your order shipment, please call 201-430-7300 and select option 2.

Our Spanish Speaking Service Offerings

I prefer speaking Spanish, do you have anyone at PersonalRX who I can talk to?

Yes, at PersonalRX we are dedicated to providing personal care to everyone. We have Spanish-speaking pharmacists and Personal Care Coordinators for all clients who prefer to speak Spanish.

Can you write my medication instructions in Spanish?

Yes! If you prefer to receive your medication instruction in Spanish, we can do that for you. Your PersonalRX box also has resources written in Spanish on the side of your box.

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