February 2, 2023

What PersonalRX’s URAC Mail Services Pharmacy Accreditation Means for Customers

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PersonalRX, a home delivery pharmacy for patients who take multiple medications, has earned the URAC accreditation for Mail Service Pharmacy. 

Accreditation is important because it creates quality standards for products and services, regardless of industry. In education, for instance, not every school is accredited and hasn’t met standards of excellence determined by an accrediting organization. Schools accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, for example, can offer financial aid to students, while unaccredited schools cannot. 

Similarly, accredited health organizations must adhere to high standards of care and meet a variety of criteria in order to earn the designation. For patients and caregivers, knowing a healthcare organization has been accredited by a leading organization can inspire trust in the provider, and give the peace of mind that the provider has a commitment to consistently meeting strict standards and striving to improve care outcomes. 

Founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization, URAC is the independent leader in promoting health care quality and patient safety through renowned healthcare accreditation, setting high standards for clinical practice, consumer protections, performance measurement, operations infrastructure and risk management. Organizations that earn a URAC designation demonstrate accountability, consumer protection and patient care. 

To earn the URAC accreditation, PersonalRX demonstrated that it:

  • Promotes both safety and accuracy in its dispensing practices;
  • Qualifies all medication distribution processes for appropriate temperature ranges;
  • Provides 24/7 support for both patients and prescribers;
  • Complies with foundational standards for risk management, customer empowerment and performance management;
  • Reports annual performance measures to URAC.

URAC’s Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation standards ensure the highest level of care for patients who take advantage of this fast-growing distribution channel for pharmacy benefit management. These standards cover a wide variety of areas, including core organizational quality, customer service, communications and disclosure, drug utilization management, pharmacy operations, a process to measure mail service outcomes, and quality improvement. PersonalRX will hold the URAC Mail Services Pharmacy accreditation for three years.

Customers of PersonalRX will benefit from this milestone in every interaction. Every time they receive scheduled deliveries of pre-packaged, clearly labeled prescription medications sorted into customized dosage packs. Every text and call from their dedicated personal care coordinator who manages refills and ongoing care with physicians, providing personalized service. PersonalRX also offers 24/7 access to a pharmacist, who can answer patient questions and check for medication interactions. All these services for just the cost of your copay!

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