February 24, 2023

Are Discount Pharmacies Actually a Good Deal?

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There are several reputable online pharmacies for patients to choose from. Legitimate digital pharmacies feature a seal of their accreditation on their website including those from LegitScript and URAC. Online pharmacies typically offer home delivery of medications. Some provide cost savings, while others offer value-added personalized services and help with medication management, in addition to reasonable prices.

As always, consumers must look carefully at the benefits offered by each online pharmacy to assure that their specific needs are being met. Some providers strive to reduce medication costs by offering generic equivalents at a low price point, and this is most beneficial for the uninsured and those with high deductible insurance plans.  The discounts offered provide a buffer from unexpected cost variations and the lower prices are transparent and guaranteed. Home delivery can be arranged in all 50 states which allows you to skip the line at the pharmacy.

These pharmacies are a great way to manage your costs if your regimen is a few common generic medications taken on a consistent basis over time. But what if you have a more serious condition with complex, and often changing prescriptions? Some of the key questions for consumers in this situations are:

  • Are you on a complex regimen of 5 or more medications, and require specific brands?
  • Would you benefit from having a support team coordinate all the prescription details and changes with each of your doctors?
  • Do you prefer to utilize your current insurance where you only pay the usual copay?

PersonalRX is an online pharmacy that stands out from the field because it offers a full set of value-added services to increase adherence and help you manage your prescriptions, and all of these services are offered at no additional cost, just your copay. Examples of PersonalRX services include:

  • Handles every type of prescription; brand-name drugs as well as generics, vitamins, inhalers and more.  
  • Delivers medications in customized, labeled dose packs so there’s no need for pill sorters, saving time and increasing adherence because it’s easy to remember when to take your medications. 
  • Provides personalized service, including access to a licensed pharmacist, while assuring your privacy.
  • Uses an automated refill process, so you never run out of your medications. 
  • Assigns each patient a personal care coordinator, who stays on top of your multiple prescriptions and handles medication changes by proactively contacting your doctors.
  • Charges only your copay. All shipping and personal service is free. You know exactly how much you’ll pay for each prescription. 
  • Services patients in nearly every state, and with most insurance coverage. 
  • Has a track record of successfully meeting customer needs and expectations, while other options are relatively new in the marketplace. 

Your insurance covers services like PersonalRX, making it a cost-effective option. Why not take advantage and make life easier with personalized care and specialists on your side?

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