April 18, 2022

4 Benefits of Dose Packs

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You might be familiar with dose packs for medication. Pharmacies that offer dose packs can parcel patients’ multiple medications in convenient packages, grouping pills and capsules that need to be taken at a specific time in a single package. These packets are all custom-made to suit each individual patient’s requirements.

Dose packs offer many benefits to patients and their caregivers. Dose packs can:

1. Ensure Safety

It’s not always easy to remember what pills or capsules you need to take, and when you need to take them, and in what combination. And sometimes, you can forget if you’ve taken an essential medication and either go without or double-dose, both of which can pose a serious health risk. Dose packs group non-liquid medications in packets that are clearly labeled with the day and time they need to be administered. You can be sure you’re receiving the correct dosage of each medication at the prescribed time and avoid the possibility of taking the same medicines twice or in the wrong combination.

2. Save Time

Refilling prescriptions and making multiple trips to the pharmacy takes time. Maybe you’ve experimented with using weekly pill sorters to help organize medication. This can be very helpful, but it is also time-consuming, and there is always the possibility you’ll make an error as you place the pills in the small compartments. A dose-pack pharmacy creates packets with your medications according to your physician’s directives, so you avoid the arduous process of sorting and organizing pills – and you can be sure the right medications are in the correct groupings.

3. Offer Convenience

If you take several medications, chances are you have an assortment of pill bottles and jars on your nightstand or bathroom counter. Dose packs can eliminate the repetitive sorting through these containers when it’s time to take medication. Simply tear open a packet at the time of day specified on the package and take your medication quickly and easily. Invited out to lunch? Simply take your customized dose pack with you and avoid the stress of scrambling to assemble and carry all of your medications on short notice.

4. Provide Peace of Mind

Having to take multiple prescription medications can be stressful. As a patient, you might worry that you’ve missed a dose of an essential medication or double-dosed. As a caregiver, you might worry that your loved one isn’t getting the right medication at the right time. Dose packs make it easy to know when you or your loved one has taken the proper pills, just with a glance at the day’s medication packets.

You may be able to find local pharmacies that offer dose packs. However, companies like PersonalRX can offer a level of service and affordability that neighborhood drug stores often cannot.

PersonalRX offers personalized support, so you know you’re dealing with a customer care specialist who knows you. Your Personal Care Coordinator not only sets up the dose pack process, but also works with your health care providers to refill or change prescriptions. You can reach out to your coordinator at any time with questions or concerns.

Dose packs are generally affordable. However, PersonalRX offers your dose packs – along with your personal care specialists – free of charge. You just pay your typical copay for your prescription medications. What’s more, PersonalRX delivers your dose packs so you or your caregivers can avoid trips to the pharmacy when you need to refill your prescription.

Want to learn more? Contact us or you can call us toll-free at 855-223-6147 and discover how customized dose packs can be safer, more convenient, and provide peace of mind when taking multiple medications or caring for a loved one who does.

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