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About PersonalRX

Our pharmacists, technicians, and support staff are about working together to advocate for patient wellness and medications.

We employ technology to make our processes more efficient. More importantly, we employ people who recognize the need to care for each patient individually.

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Where You're Always in Mind, Never in Line

PersonalRX is a pharmacy unlike any other. We don’t wait until we’re asked to be of assistance; we’re always there to help with prescriptions.

Our pharmacists are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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& Home Health

PersonalRX is a valued resource for caregivers and home health professionals. Put us on your care team!

We offer packaging that makes it easy for our patients to take their meds and stay on schedule. This helps guard against the dangers of contraindicated medications and overmedication.

Committed to Change

CEO Lawrence Margolis is known to say, “Packaging is the easy part.” PersonalRX is a pharmacy that delivers added services and places the patient at the center of care.

We don’t sell greeting cards or candy. Our pharmacy inverts the traditional dispensary model because patients, and those who care for them, deserve every tool for managing medications successfully.
Lawrence H. Margolis
CEO, PersonalRX

The Pharmacy for now.

You are moments away from a better, simpler pharmacy.

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Or call us now and we’ll help you decide if PersonalRX is right for you: 877.230.6030

“The older I get-the less I want to take care of myself-so this service means a lot to me. I feel a little spoiled, but I love that PersonalRX contacts my doctor for refills. And it’s nice that you call because otherwise I only have my little dog to talk to.”

Kathy S, 70 Hartsville, TN
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