The Pharmacy for now.

We manage prescriptions for you, deliver right to your door and our service is free.

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The PersonalRX
Concierge Service

Our staff works directly with your doctors and insurance company to help make sure your refills are there before they are needed. No added cost.

Patient Centered Pharmacy
Patient Centered
Pharmacy Care

Along with medication packaging that supports adherence, you gain the help and support of your very own pharmacy care team.

We provide a service like no other, a service that provides comfort to its users.
Quality is our service that cannot be redeemed by anything

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No Worry. No Hassle.
No Standing in Line.

Managing your medication has never been easier. As we deliver pre-packaged using our very own RX Package Box which has the quality to make your medications not easily damaged, clearly labeled medications right to your door.

The Pharmacy for now.

You are moments away from a better, simpler pharmacy.

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“I am so appreciative and grateful for the kindness she has received from Sonja, Yvonne and Gina. As a fellow health professional - I’ve been a physician for over 40 years - I am truly impressed by the level of care I receive from PersonalRX. If you come to Florida, my door is open for a visit!”

Eleonora L, 81 Hollywood, FL
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