The Pharmacy for now.

If you take 5 or more medications, this is a game changer.

We deliver your meds each month, offering more convenience, more accuracy, and more support at no additional cost.

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Box of Benefits

PersonalRX® is your own pharmacy in a box.

  1. Personalized medication dose packs with clear instructions delivered to your door monthly
  2. Name and number of your own personal care coordinator who manages deliveries, refills and any changes directly with you and your doctors
  3. 24/7 access to a licensed PersonalRX pharmacist
  4. Optional PersonalRX app for medication reminders, for delivery status and for keeping doctors and caregivers in the loop
Patient Centered Pharmacy
Pharmacy Care
designed around you

Our main goal is to keep your mind off your medication and on the things that matter most.

That’s why we deliver your medication in dose packs that make it easy to take them on schedule. It’s also why we offer the help and support of your very own pharmacy care team. Because when you need us, we want to be there.


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No Worry. No Hassle.
No Standing in Line.

We are providing high-quality service that includes medical advice through online consultation, order prescriptions, and fast delivery. The Customer’s need is to place their order and the rest will be taken care of by our pharmacist and staff and including doorstep delivery of your order.

Trusted in the packaging of medications using our very own RX Package Box, which converts to a dispenser with clearly labeled medications and instructions.

Our service helps people who confined to their homes, or those who live far from the pharmacy will get their medications on time and the ease of finding the best prices and products which greater convenience and access to a wide variety of products.

The Pharmacy for now.

You are moments away from a better, simpler pharmacy.

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Or call us now and we’ll help you decide if PersonalRX is right for you: 877.230.6030

“I’m the sole caregiver for my mother, who suffered a severe stroke last July, which left her paralyzed on 85 % of her left side. We live in a second floor apartment, Finding out about PersonalRX has been an absolute godsend for us. We are both customers and we are so grateful for this service! ”

Sherry N, 58 Franklin, NH
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