We are improving the lives of real people.

We take great pride in surrounding our patients with personal care, delivering the services they need, without waiting to be asked. We strive to make managing medications easier for patients and caregivers alike.

“I really appreciate how you check in and follow up with me. This is an awesome service and if I lived closer, I would bring you all cookies and a cake. ”

Margaret G, 77 Ormond Beach, FL

“I’m very happy that Jesus is my technician. I truly appreciate the way he reviews my medications with me. He’s a beautiful person! ”

Willia C, 71 St. Louis, MO

“Hi Gina. Thanks so much for checking in. All is well and we got the delivery today. Your service is fabulous and really gives us peace of mind, so I'm really grateful. Stay safe. (text message)”

Linda J, 77 (Michelle, caregiver) West Palm Beach, FL

“What makes me truly happy is that I never run out of medication. As soon as I’m getting toward the end of my packs- there is a new delivery at my door. ”

Deborah S, 59 Columbia, SC

“What a well mannered gentleman Jesus is. I really enjoy speaking with him and feel fortunate to have him as a direct contact. I have his phone number on my speed dial! ”

Roger C, 63 Terre Haute, IN

“I really appreciate this great service. Everyone is so nice! I discussed PersonalRX with my neighbor and hope she’ll sign up too.”

Peggy J, 65 Cologne, MN

“I’m really happy with this service. You don’t just send medication - you are prolonging life. I’m grateful for everyone at PersonalRX, and send my best to Yvonne, who helped me get started. ”

Leon S, 98 Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I really appreciate the excellent service. Everyone has been so kind each time I’ve called with questions. ”

Jennifer W, 63 Malabar, FL

“Thank you Joe. You were extremely courteous and patient with me and explained everything in a way I could understand, with a traumatic brain injury. I want PersonalRX to know, This man is an asset to your company! 5 STARS. ”

Courtney M, 56 Woodland Park, CO

“A big thanks to Serena! Since she took over as technician for True North, I receive fewer emails and calls from concerned parents about the pharmacy needs of their children. Thank you Serena - I appreciate you!!!”

Anna M, Administrator (True North Wilderness Program), Waitsfield, VT

“We are so happy and appreciative of this service - and can’t say enough about the care we receive from Personal RX. This team is the best of the best! A thousand Thank Yous! ”

Yanik Y, 85 Raisa (patient’s wife), Hallandale, FL

“This is Awesome! I love it. I don’t have to think about anything. It is so helpful to get my medications delivered. PersonalRX was in God's plan for me! ”

Regina K, 54 Trenton, NJ

“My technician, Serena, is really good! She is a terrific help and I am very happy with this service. ”

Denise T, 63 Wilmerding, PA

“My first delivery was perfect and I love the packaging. This is an excellent service, and especially with Covid 19, I would not want to have to pick up my medicine at the local pharmacy.”

Debra F, 54 Hollywood, FL

“PersonalRX has been a wonderful experience and I recommend it over my local hometown pharmacy. I've spoken with my personal tech, Sonja, several times and she is really cool! ”

Lauren M, 34 South Orange, NJ

“I’m the sole caregiver for my mother, who suffered a severe stroke last July, which left her paralyzed on 85 % of her left side. We live in a second floor apartment, Finding out about PersonalRX has been an absolute godsend for us. We are both customers and we are so grateful for this service! ”

Sherry N, 58 Franklin, NH

“My technician, Serena, is fantastic and I love the entire PersonalRX staff. I used a competing home delivery pharmacy and all communication was done by text - I never spoke with a live person. Your customer service is second to none! ”

Robert O, 65 Lords Valley, PA

“I love the packaging, it’s easy to tear off and I also love how it has the days of the week on it. I had a stroke last year, so I can’t walk and I have memory loss. This service saves my brother from having to run to the pharmacy to pick up my medication several times a week.”

Gloria R, 74 Ocala, FL

“I was approached by a competitor of yours and I told them, "I’m with the PersonalRX Pharmacy. I’m happy and being well taken care of. Thank you for the call, but I am declining."”

Daniel H, 58 Hellertown, PA

“I am so appreciative and grateful for the kindness she has received from Sonja, Yvonne and Gina. As a fellow health professional - I’ve been a physician for over 40 years - I am truly impressed by the level of care I receive from PersonalRX. If you come to Florida, my door is open for a visit!”

Eleonora L, 81 Hollywood, FL

“I’ve been very happy and appreciative of the services received for my teenage daughter. Having a teenager is hard enough and can be harder when medication is involved. This service makes it easier for her to be away at school and go for overnight trips, and take her medicine on time.”

Karina A, 18 Sharon (Mother), Poughquag, NY

“We are really happy and appreciative for Serena and your pharmacy. My wife and I are both customers and it would be difficult to get our medications if not for this service.”

Barnett B, 69 Dothan, AL

“The older I get-the less I want to take care of myself-so this service means a lot to me. I feel a little spoiled, but I love that PersonalRX contacts my doctor for refills. And it’s nice that you call because otherwise I only have my little dog to talk to.”

Kathy S, 70 Hartsville, TN

“I’m really happy with the service we receive from PersonalRX. My mother's technician, Sonja Pusaver, is great! I referred your pharmacy to my father-in-law, and he’s now a patient too. I tell my friends about how amazing this pharmacy is and how it’s helped simplify our lives.”

Eleanor S, 89 Carol (Patient’s Daughter), Bloomfield, CT

“I’m so happy that my daughter is able to receive her Concerta from your pharmacy. I know how hard Jesus works to stay on top of her medication needs and I appreciate it. Jesus is a great technician.”

Teresa C, 19 Beth (Mother), Pittsburgh, PA

“Who could not be happy with your services and the people there? I can’t say enough about how great Sonja is and how much she helped me get all medication changes done correctly when we changed doctors recently!”

Valentina L, 89 Olivera (Caregiver), Riviera Beach, FL
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“I’m very happy that Jesus is my technician. I truly appreciate the way he reviews my medications with me. He’s a beautiful person! ”

Willia C, 71 St. Louis, MO
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