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How We Do It

Once you choose PersonalRX as your home pharmacy, we take care of everything.

we care everything you need
It's about YOU!

We want to get to know you – and we hope you’ll want to get to know us, too.  So, we start by collecting basic information about you: Medications you take and when you take them; prescribing doctors; and insurance information.

we care for your medication review
It's about safety.

PersonalRX is an additional line of defense for your overall health. Once we get prescriptions from your doctors, we check to make sure there is no harmful mixing of medications. Then, we pack your 30-day supply of meds, with every dose pack checked by a licensed pharmacist to make sure it’s ready for you.

Pharmacist that cares your medication
It's about care.

You’ll be assigned a Personal Care Coordinator whose job is to simply care for you. They’ll reach out to coordinate shipment and copays.

Then, after your delivery, they’ll reach out again to confirm that you have your medications, and you can get answers from your pharmacist about any questions you may have.

Because we know questions can arise any time, we have a pharmacist available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Have questions already? Give us a call at 877-230-6030.

Get Your Prescriptions Delivered
It's about time
to get started.

Before we get your next months pharmacy delivery ready, your Personal Care Coordinator will reach out to learn if anything has changed. When we’re ready to ship, you’ll be notified once again. The new supply arrives days before your current 30-day supply is finished.

Questions? Ready to get started? We're here!
The Pharmacy for now.

You are moments away from a better, simpler pharmacy.

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Or call us now and we’ll help you decide if PersonalRX is right for you: 877.230.6030

“I was approached by a competitor of yours and I told them, "I’m with the PersonalRX Pharmacy. I’m happy and being well taken care of. Thank you for the call, but I am declining."”

Daniel H, 58 Hellertown, PA
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